Seminarios web y vídeos de la Semana de la concienciación 2020

Seminarios web y vídeos de la Semana de la concienciación 2020

This was put together to be the most accessible and accommodating as possible.  Anything can be changed around and deleted, except for the rest and meditation days, which are needed, especially if someone is just starting out.  If you can't accomplish what's listed, do what you can.  Some movement is better than none!


Moving and grooving Calendar for June:

1. Watch a YouTube walking video, do the movements you can

2. Walk to your mail box 3 times throughout the day

3. Walk your hall way for 10 minutes 3 times throughout the day

4. Dance party before awareness week! Pick 3 of your favorite groovy songs throughout the day to dance to

5. Healing walk for HS #HSWalk2021. Do what you can and stay hydrated

6. Bubble bath relaxation day 

7. Watch a YouTube walking video and try to complete more than you did the first time

8. Use 2 cans (15.75 oz of vegetables or soup( for dumb bells.  Do 15 bicep curls 3 times a day

9. Morning walk outside.  Set your timer for 10 minutes and stroll.  After 10 minutes, head home

10. Hold on to the back of a chair and raise to your tip toes and lower 15 times twice throughout the day

11. Mindful meditation relaxation day. Turn off all screens for 1 hour, listen to soothing music in your favorite comfy position

12. Use resistance bands (alternative stretchy fabric or tee shirt material) to do leg raises.  10 times each leg 3 times/day

13. Evening walk outside for 25 minutes

14. Re-watch YouTube walking video.  See your progress and how far you have come

15. WOAH!  Half way there dance party 5 of your favorite groovy songs.  See how many you can dance to back to back

16. Walk your hallway for 15 minutes 3 times through the day

17. Time to pull out the veggie cans again for some curls.  Can you do 4 sets this time?

18. Mindful journaling.  Free write, type, scribble for for 30 minutes, allow your mind to wander

19. Leg raises with resistance bands 15 times 2x per leg and toe raises using the back of a chair 10 reps 2x

20. Walk outside 30 minutes.  Stop and see the roses.  Show us pictures of something you discovered on your walk #mileinmyhsshoes

21. Are you getting enough vegetables? Let’s make sure, just in case!  Time for 3 sets of 15 bicep curls

22. Leg raises with resistance bands 15 times 2x.  Toe raises using the back of a chair 10 times 2x

23. Find your walking video.  You are getting so good at those movements, check your progress

24. Walk outside 40 minutes

25. Sing your favorite silly song 3 times throughout the day

26. Leg raises with resistance bands 15 times 2x.  Toe raises using the back of a chair 10 reps 2x

27. Pull out those veggie cans, it’s time for 3 sets of 15 of your favorite bicep curls

28. Walk outside 40 minutes

29. Mindful journaling.  Take 30 minutes and reflect on how this month has been and how far you have come

30. You have reached the end of the month, CONGRATULATIONS!!  you have earned a 5 song dance party 


Things to remember on this journey:


  • HS affects all fitness levels

  • Activity levels vary for each patient and some have mobility issues

  • If something looks easy to you, combine it with another day to give yourself a little nudge

  • Be honest with yourself; no one knows your limits and abilities like you do

  • Each day requires a self evaluation, starting with are you up to the task for the day.  Some days may require you to give yourself a little more tough love, while others may require grace.  

  • If you need a walking aid for the day, use it.  If you need to hold on to something, do it.  Everyone has to start somewhere.

  • Track your progress.  This will help you see how amazing you are doing and will give you added motivation.  If you need a fitness tracker, some phones come equipped with them and additional challenges.  There are also free apps available.  

  • Make sure you are stable in your shoes and that they offer good support for your feet.

  • Lightweight sports socks are a must.  

  • As you increase your distances, if that is something you wish to do, the heavy duty light weight socks will help cushion your feet, and aid in the prevention of blisters.  (I learned that the hard way.)

  • Use sunscreen on your longer walks

  • Avoid the heat of the day

  • As your walks get longer, a water bottle is a must to stay hydrated

  • Most importantly, build and use your support system, your support at home, plug in and get support from our online community.  Whatever you have to do, you need support, and know you have support from me!


Upload some of your favorite pictures to social media #mileinmyhsshoes