Mario Otero and CO2 Laser Surgery

Join Dominick and Mario as Mario opens up about his journey with HS and discussed his experience as a patient undergoing CO2 laser surgery.

HS, Pregnancy and Hormones with Dr. Jennifer Hsiao

Join Brindley and Dr. Hsiao as they discuss navigating pregnancy and managing HS, including the role of hormones in HS, the impact of pregnancy, managing HS during pregnancy and recognizing and addressing possible comorbidities that may arise.

Navigating the HS Surgery Discussion with your Surgeon

Dr. Goldberg, Denise and Brindley discuss navigating a discussion with your surgeon, having realistic expectations, staging surgeries, how to tell if your surgeon is a good fit, and more!

Atypical HS & the use of Antibiotics in the Treatment of HS

 Dr. Vivian Shi talks with us about atypical HS and the use of antibiotics in the treatment of HS; why they're prescribed and their role in treatment. 

HS: A Discussion Between Men (...but not just for men)

 Dr. Steven Daveluy talks with Dominick Juliano about men with HS, weight, stress, smoking, self esteem, the influence of hope on the body...and loofahs!

Understanding Anxiety, Depression & Mindfulness

 Join us as Dr. Ellis Edmunds discusses anxiety, depression and mindfulness.

Jackson Gilles: Singer, Song Writer & HS Advocate

 Jackson has lived his life with Type 1 diabetes and HS.  Music became the constant that gave him comfort and hope.  After being on American Idol and TedTalk he has helped spread awareness of HS.

Troy Fugate: A Discussion on Biologics

 A discussion about biologics, how they work and the role they play in the future of HS treatments.  Troy is the Vice President for Compliance Insight, Inc., a worldwide compliance consultant in the areas of pharmaceutical quality, operations, packaging, laboratory and construction activities.

A discussion with Erin Martinez, Sex Therapist

 Erin Martinez provides guidance and suggestions for the tough questions and discussions that we all face with our HS. She offers insight on how to handle situations with relationships, partners, sex and intimacy.  Erin is well known in the HS Community for her positivity and sound advice.  You don't want to miss this!

Pediatric Dermatologist, Dr. Colleen Cotton

 Dr. Cotton is a pediatric dermatologist and joins us to discuss pediatric and adolescent HS as well as her recommendations for parents.  Join us as she answer questions from our community!

Art Therapy with Erica Pang

 Art therapist and artist, Erica Pang, sits down with us to discuss the power of art and mind. Learn how art therapy can help with emotional stress, anxiety and depression, self care and life balance, life transitions, living with illness and coping with life after illness as well as life purpose, discovery and spirituality.  Sessions are available via Zoom and Doxy.  Visit her website to learn more at www.ericapang.com

Carbon Dioxide Laser Excision Marsupilization

(CO2 laser surgery) with Dr. Berry Resnik

 Dr. Barry Resnik, an HS Specialist, discusses the Staged Marsupial Excision Procedure (also known as the CO2 laser surgery/procedure) .  Learn more at the Resnik Skin Institute at www.drresnik.com

How to be a Patient Advocate: Advice from an HS Patient Podcast

HS Connect's Denise talks with StuffThatWorks about how she has learned to speak with doctors and advocate for her own health, as well as the health of others, through her over 40 years of suffering with HS.

Listen to other StuffThatWorks podcasts here.

More about StuffThatWorks can be found here

HS Surgery Misconceptions Cleared Up

with Dr. Stephanie Goldberg

Dr. Goldberg, HS specialist, discusses the fear and stigma of surgeries, answering questions from our community and helping set the record straight! She practices in Fredricksburg, VA and her office can be reached at 540-741-2865.

Interview with Dr. Jonathan Kumuteo, Professional Boxer

Jonathan Kumuteo, professional boxer residing in the UK talks with us about his story and to speak about about HS.  He discusses his resilience and his journey to acceptance and how this helped him become stronger.  He maintains a strong advocacy to help men gain the courage to speak out about their HS. 

Managing Pain in Patients with HS:

An Interview with Dr. Orenstein by the Dermatologist

A recent study reviewed treatment options and tools available for addressing pain in patients with HS.  In this podcast, Laura Orenstein, MD, discusses pharmacological and non-pharmacological options for patients with HS-related pain, as well as areas of future research needed to improve pain management for those with HS.

LearnSkin Podcast 

The LearnSkin Podcast series investigates the intersection of Eastern and Western medicine to inform an integrative approach to dermatology.  Join co-hosts Dr. Raja Sivamani and Dr. Hadar Lev-Tov as they discuss the latest in scientific research and treatment options with leading experts in integrative medicine and dermatology.  Brand new episodes are released every Thursday at 12pm PST.